We’ve talked with hundreds of women with endo around the world. Strong, courageous women of all nationalities, races, ages, socioeconomic statuses…. and it’s so clear – we all want the same thing. We want more awareness. We want earlier diagnosis & intervention, better treatment options, more informed doctors, motivated lawmakers behind us who fight for more research funding & increased insurance coverage. We want to keep our fertility! We want these things – we’ve wanted them for years, but nothing seems to change – not REALLY. How do we ACTUALLY make things change?

We’ve interviewed the world’s top experts & put together the first accurate, big-picture view of the disease. This film gives you all of the information you need to take charge of your health & change your life.

“This critical film cuts through the vast misinformation surrounding endometriosis. It is an invaluable resource that simply must be shared.” Heather C. Guidone, Surgical Program Director, CEC

“A must–see for every pediatrician, school nurse, gastroenterologist, gynecologist, psychologist, family practitioner, internist, mother, father, sister, brother, husband, spouse, boyfriend and girlfriend….Society must be educated properly about endometriosis and this is the film to finally do it.” Iris Orbuch, MD, Endo Surgeon

“Informative…realistic…honest… a must-see for all women AND men so that we increase awareness and understanding of women suffering with endometriosis.” Marc Laufer, MD, Harvard Medical School

“Bravo! This film is not only a labor of love but a tremendous testament to women everywhere.” Mary Lou Ballweg, Endo Assoc., President & Founder