The Endo Challenge is proud of their relationship with the CEC and Dr. Ken Sinervo and Heather.  Together we have worked to raise awareness by hosting live Q&A sessions with them.  You can find a transcript of the latest session here.

The CEC has spent more than two decades providing gold-standard excisional treatment for endometriosis to individuals of all ages, from around the world. One of the first surgical excision centers for the specialty care of endometriosis, the CEC has led the way towards pioneering treatment for the disease.

Through Advanced Laparoscopic Excision (LAPEX), a technique practiced by only the most advanced gynendoscopic surgeons in the world and implemented at the CEC by Dr. Albee decades ago, successful removal of all disease – from all areas – and long term symptomatic relief (including infertility, even in stages 3 and 4) are entirely possible.

Dr. Ken Sinervo, Medical Director, along with Dr. Albee and their team have dedicated their lives to eradicating endometriosis and providing expert care to all those affected by it. It is their goal to offer compassionate expertise to all those struggling with endometriosis, from all walks of life.

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