What is the Endo Challenge?

The Endo Challenge is a social media movement that challenges people to turn their profile picture yellow for the month of March to bring awareness to Endometriosis. There is a link on our website,, that automatically changes your picture yellow, when you post it to your page, you tag 2 friends to do the same, and the chain continues!

Is the Endo Challenge a fundraiser?

No. The Endo Challenge is a grass roots PR campaign, which means its only purpose to raise awareness, not funds.

Is the Endo Challenge affiliated with any major organizations?

No. We view ourselves as a PR firm and endometriosis is our client! Our only goal is to spread general awareness and encourage women to seek professional, medical care on their own terms. We in no way favor one group or belief over another.

What if I don’t want to change my picture Yellow but still want help?

The best way to help is to speak openly and honestly about endometriosis. If you have endo, we encourage you to educate others and share your story. We have a faces of endo page on our website,, where women can submit their personal stories! If you are someone who does not have endo but wants to know more about it, we recommend starting conversations about it, and joining endometriosis groups on Facebook and getting involved in an endo community near you!

Who runs the Endo Challenge?

While the Endo Challenge was created by 4 women suffering from the disease, the endo community is responsible for the growth of the campaign! The Endo Challenge is a campaign FOR the endo community, BY the endo community, so all members have the chance to get involved!